Election Day Reminder!

Posted September 25th, 2020 in News.

Time is flying by as it is almost October already, which means that we are also closer to November 3rd! As we inch closer towards this date, make sure to check your specific polling place for information on times and dates that early voting opens up; this way you will have ample opportunities to make it out to vote this year. 

The Frank Harr Foundation wanted to remind everyone how important it is to vote. One thing that we have to acknowledge is the progress that our past LGBTQ+ heroes have made and it is important to want to continue this lineage of progress. Every vote made could impact the queer community directly so please be informed when determining who to vote for!

Even more so, the unfortunate recent death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, should also be a reason to get out and let your voice be heard. She stood up and fought for what she wanted to change in this country so now it is our turn!

Young voters especially need to hear this message because they make up more than half of the voting population, statistics provided here. This means that young people need to go out and vote for policies and politicians that will benefit them the most because their future depends on it!

Voting is a right that many Americans have struggled to have the right to do, if you have this freedom why not use it? Many countries today are still fighting for their right to vote, period. 

More information about the importance of voting can be found at equalitync.org.