Jak Rogers

Facilitator | BSW Student at UNCW
Jak Rogers

Hello all! 

I am very excited to be joining The Frank Harr Foundation and their team during this stressful time, as odd as that sounds. As this worldwide pandemic has affected us all, I hope to be able to make the best of the situation until The Frank Harr Foundation is able to house everyone in person once again! Until then, I am planning to be as accessible as possible to provide support for any person or project that I can.

A little about me is that I grew up in Waynesville, just outside of Asheville, NC and was blind to how few resources there were in that area. The knowledge that I have gained at UNCW has helped me open my mind and figure out what I truly care about, and that is people! Being a part of the LGBTQ+ community has also shaped who I am as a person and is what lead me to reach out to The Frank Harr Foundation a few years ago. Since then, I have been volunteering with the many different pieces that the organization is associated with, such as being a docent for the AIDS Memorial Quilt.

Aside from my school and work life, I would describe myself as a very easy going person and am very interested in traveling anywhere life will lead me, this means physically too! I love to travel and plan on going many more places in my lifetime. I also love to talk about my pets, as every pet parent does.  If anyone ever just wants to chat please feel free to email me to start up a conversation!

Thank you and I am happy to be here!