Florence Nightingale

Posted September 16th, 2020 in LGBT history blog posts ,News.

By: Jak Rogers DOB: May 12th, 1820 – August 13th, 1910; age 90. Florence Nightingale is a name that should sound familiar and I guarantee that it is not because of her sexuality. Many would remember her pioneering in public health or her advancements in nursing that make the profession what it is today. Through […]

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Stormé DeLarverie

Posted September 6th, 2020 in LGBTQ+ History Blog ,News.

  By: Jak Rogers DOB: December 24th, 1920 – March 24th, 2014; age 93. DeLarverie was born in New Orleans, LA to an African American mother and a white father. Due to the degree of racism in the United States during this time, Stormé was never issued a birth certificate. Therefore, she chose her own […]

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