Our Purpose

For more than ten years the Frank Harr Foundation has been an LGBTQIA education and outreach organization. Our goal is to provide safe spaces and help others do the same within their own community and organizations while providing leadership opportunities for our youth and support for our elder population.

  • Safe Zone Training – We are currently updating our own Safe Zone training that focuses on all aspects within the LGBTQIA+ community. This program is appropriate for schools, businesses, non-profits, civic and social organizations. The goal is to teach inclusive and appropriate language, outline the do’s and don’ts, and help our broader community create safe spaces where all are comfortable. Reach out to us for more information on how to schedule!


  • Youth Steering Committee – Our Youth Steering Committee is thriving with a strong peer education focus. While offering leadership training and opportunities with which our youth are participating include Safe Zone training, sex education training, drug addiction prevention, and Stop the Bleed.


  • University Level Education – We provide education at the university level sharing specific tools and insight to Social Work and Nursing students on the unique issues that face the LGBTQIA population.
  • AIDS Awareness – The Frank Harr Foundation is honored to be bringing The AIDS Memorial Quilt to Wilmington. During this two-week event, the Quilt will be displayed at select venues in our community with speakers, educational workshops, and social gatherings hosted to continue the mission of making HIV/AIDS real and immediate. We also have an AIDS awareness and testing program executed in coordination with Seeds of Healing.


  • SAGEing in Place – SAGEing in Place assists LGBTQIA seniors (or near seniors) in identifying and addressing areas where assistance may be needed to stay at home as we get older. We address questions concerning medical services, transportation, insurance, legal issues, social opportunities, home maintenance – anything relevant to helping seniors remain in their homes and live full lives.


  • Near Future Programs – Watch for more information and volunteer opportunities for our Friendly Visitors Program offering outreach to our LGBTQIA+ elderly population. The program will put volunteers together with those that might want to have a friendly visit by phone or in person once a week, perhaps a meal, or be taken to local events or shopping. We’re excited to bring the LGBTQIA generations together. While this program is being discussed, we want to acknowledge that this will be operating more at capacity post pandemic and only when we can fully follow North Carolina Department of Public Health guidelines


Our youth need resources when navigating what it means to be a part of the greater LGBTQIA community. We are committed to providing programs, events and support for all young people whether they have familial and peer support or not. Additionally, initiatives exist for individuals, families, education and health providers wishing to gain a better understanding of how best to serve our youth.

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SAGE Wilmington of the Cape Fear Coast is sponsored by the Frank Harr Foundation and an affiliate of SAGE USA – a national advocacy and services organization that has been looking out for LGBTQ elders since 1978. The Mission of SAGE Wilmington is to serve as an advocate with, and on behalf of, LGBTQ elders in the Cape Fear area. Our objective is to enhance the lives of LGBTQ seniors in the area by providing access to programs and activities that build up our unique community while providing a safe haven for LGBTQ older people and those that care for them.


The Frank Harr Foundation is committed to aligning with individuals, businesses (small and large), and organizations that help us fulfill our mission of addressing the needs of our LGBTQ community. Whether through engagement with Port City Pride, or joining forces and working with or promoting the efforts of PFLAG, SAGE, Queer Current, the LGBTQIA Resource Center at UNCW, Stonewall Sports and so many more, you can be confident that supporting us means you’re supporting efforts designed to improve the lives of those we serve.

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